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Huion tablets are designed to inspire people's creativity with our patented pen so that you can naturally draw as you would with the real pen and paper.

If you have any questions or issues on the Huion products, please just contact us now.


Or you can find us on twitter, facebook, tumblr, google+

HUION stamps and images made by our customers:
Huion Stamp by SKrieck Everyday Item Contest : Pixel Tablet by leRedbird HUION Tablet user stamp by MadamPonies Huion 420 by lazylama12 Huion User Stamp (Large) by TaroWolf
185- by huion185- by huion185 by huion185- by huion185- by huion

Standard definition, 18.5'' monitor, 8 customizable keys, improved pressure sensitivity

1060plus- by huion

1060plus- by huionUntitled by huion1060plus-tf by huion1060plus- by huion

New 1060 PLUS:
updated firmware, improved linearity, added pen loop and pen cap, narrow bezel.

Settings Methods in Photoshop

1. How to solve delay problem in Photoshop

1) First of all, please click Edit-Preferences-Performance to confirm whether Use Graphics Processor is closed. It should stay unchecked as follows:

 1 by huion

2) Then create a new canvas and adjust it to 100%.

3) Click Reset Brushes in brush settings as follows:

2 by huion

2. How to set pen pressure in Photoshop

Press F5 in Photoshop, then you could see a panel as follows. Please tick both “Shape Dynamics and Smoothing, after that, the pen would work with pressure sensitivity when you choose Pen Pressure.

3 by huion


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WuWolfeh Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uhm,hello i was wondering if you could help me with a problem.

My stylus when ever i want to draw with it its smooth then does weird squiggles and i never do the squiggles it just does it on its own.Any help?
Anerio Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I received my Huion H610 pro today and pen pressure is not working as it should be.  When I open the graphic tablet icon, there isn't the pen pressure options. I downloaded the driver from the huion website and I use windows.
huion Featured By Owner 1 day ago
would you please send us the screenshot of your setting interface by email to ?
tihiandrew Featured By Owner 3 days ago
and another question , i returned a good DWH69 because the pen was lagging , and after i got my money back and purchased the huion new 1060 plus , installing the driver the same issue appeared .
lagging and no pressure sensivity , without the driver works fine but i want the 12 shortcut keys 
can you help me , i am using windows 10 preview 14352 .
huion Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Did you download the driver via the disc or official website?and whihc program you use would this happen and the version of it?
tihiandrew Featured By Owner 3 days ago
why do you have 2 websites ? i am a bit confused ....
huion Featured By Owner 1 day ago
one is showcase another one which could be placed an order:)
GuardedDaisymohamed Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello, I have a Huion H420 Pen Tablet and I was on FireAlpaca until it starting flickering on and off. I tried pressing it a little harder but it didn't work. Did the packaging of every Huion Tablet have Pen nibs? cause I wasn't sent some. Please help me out and if so thanks.
huion Featured By Owner 1 day ago
would you please tell me the version of FireAlpaca you use?and what system you run?the pen nibs are inside the pen holder,please check.
Malaurielle Featured By Owner Edited May 23, 2016


I recently bought a Huion GT-220. I’ve installed the latest drivers and manage to get my computer (An Asus G75V with a graphic card capable of supporting two screens) to recognize the tablet as a second monitor. The pilot lamp is on and I’ve configured my display to “extended”.

But unfortunately, even if Pen Display tells me that the tablet is connected the screen desperately remains black or at least only displays black. I’ve tried multiple times to re-install the drivers and to change the input wire from HDMI to VGA and vice versa but nothing seems to work. None of the buttons of the tablet are responding. I’ve plugged in the DC IN, the USB and the HDMI cables and all of them seem to work just fine.

This problem is seriously starting to worry me since I was really waiting for this device and that it was expensive. But I'm pretty sure the problem comes from my PC configuration and that it's fairly easy to solve but I haven't worked it out yet. I really wish that someone could help me out and thanks by advance. 

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